Armorik – Small Batch


Notes: Hey there everyone. This is my first review of a world whisky! While I have had some experience with a large variety of scotch, I have yet to really branch out into other offerings. This is the second non scotch whisky I have purchased, the first being a Jamesons (Young Henry). Living in Australia gives me access to some local whiskys that dont really see any exposure, so I want to try to get to them eventually. Happy for people to give any feedback on this also as I am still learning, thanks and enjoy!

Buying notes “Ten casks were used to create this release; one virgin American oak cask distilled in 2013 provides structure, five first fill ex-Jack Daniel’s American oak casks distilled in 2014 provide sweetness and smoothness, while four refilled American Oak ex-bourbon casks distilled in 2012 accentuate the distillate’s fruity notes.”

Distiller: Armorik

Bottler: Armorik (Bottled exclusively for The Whisky Club)

ABV: 46%

Age: NAS

Source: The Whisky Club Australia

Colour: Old Gold

Nose: Rested 10 minutes. Sweet and floral with hints of honey and vanilla. White wine comes out after further resting… After looking into this I found this snippet which may be the cause. (Fermentation takes place over four days using two yeasts, one to generate fruity notes and the other for alcohol yield.)

Taste: Hot, spicy and citrus. Sweet notes of caramel and vanilla.

Finish: Medium and dry. Spiciness gives way to a thick caramel toffee sweetness.

Overall: This has a really promising sweet nose, seems to be bottled at a good ABV, however does seem to suffer from lack of aging. While there is some hotness the sweet tones normally outweigh these. I initially had this at a 7 but bumped it up slightly after the wine nose came out. Overall I think its well balanced, would be nice to see something aged a little longer with some more wood/nuttiness.

Rank: 7.5