Glendalough 13 – Mizunara Finish


Notes: I picked this up mainly to see what a Mizunara finish would do. I have not had anything from Glendalough either, so its a two for one for me.

Matured for 12 years in first fill American oak ex-bourbon casks, followed by 12 months in Japanese Mizunara oak.

Distiller: Glendalough

Bottler: Glendalough, Non-chill filtered, natural colour

ABV: 46%

Age: 13 years

Source: The Whisky Club

Colour: Chestnut

Nose: Rested 10 minutes. Nose is super spicy, nutty and oaky, with apple sweetness. I can’t stop smelling this.

Taste: Rich, creamy and oily. Oak and spice leading to candy sweetness.

Finish: Medium/Long finish, spice, dark chocolate and vanilla.

Overall: This smells like nothing other, so many different spice notes are there. Rich and oily in the mouth, followed up by chocolate and sweet vanilla. Its more balanced towards the spicier end of things. I have to go and look for a regular 13 year Glendalough now to compare this to. I am not sure how much of an influence the Mizunara has had on this, if any. Besides that this is an awesome drop, not something I think I would drink regularly but I am definitely going to have a craving for some more soon. Well worth trying if you do see any.

Thanks for taking a look 🙂

Rank: 8.5

Caol Ila – Gordan & MacPhail 13


Notes: While staying in Elgin I had the chance to stop in at the retail shop for Gordan & MacPhail. The choices were pretty overwhelming and as I was staying in Speyside I wanted to get something from a little further out. After multiple tastings, I decided on this lovely dram from Islay. I believe this is also the new bottle art for G&M which I think looks pretty nice.

‘This new Discovery Range was created to offer the utterly dependable and consistent choice of their finest whiskies. Each expression sits within the bold flavour profiles of either ‘Sherry’, ‘Smoky’ or ‘Bourbon’ making these single malts the perfect match for the whisky lover who enjoys exploration through flavour and character.’ This Caol Ila 13 Years Old has been matured in bourbon casks.’

Distiller: Caol Ila

Bottler: Gordan & MacPhail

ABV: 43%

Age: 13 years

Source: Gordan & MacPhail, Elgin

Colour: Amber

Nose: Rested 2 minutes. Iodine, smoke and peat. Dried meat smell. Faint sweetness. Rested 10 minutes. Iodine and smoke mellows out to give way to more of the sweet/floral notes.

Taste: Initial fruity sweetness, medicinal taste, slight peppery spiciness. Peaty, quite well balanced.

Finish: Medium. Oh my, the oiliness. If you like oily whisky this is amazing. Smoke and peat is prominent, little to no burn.

Overall: I love heavily peated whiskys and this is a very good example. The super oily mouth feel is amazing. I would really have liked for this to be higher ABV, however at 43% it is very easy to drink, perhaps too easy. Would be interesting to see something similar finished in sherry.

Rank: 8.5

Dalwhinnie – Distillers Edition 2000 (bottled 2016)


Notes: While recently in Scotland my wife and I were driving between Aberfeldy and Elgin, and happened upon Dalwhinnie distillery. I managed my convince my beautiful wife to a ‘rest’ stop. As part of my ‘rest’ I ordered a whisky flight there, which consisted of chocolate pairings with some wonderful drams. I left with this bottle, a ‘perfect dram glass’ and a slight skip in my step. I was very impressed with their offerings, and this was my favourite of the day.


Distiller: Dalwhinnie

Bottler: Dalwhinnie (D. SX. 312)

ABV: 43%

Age: Distilled 2000 – Bottled 2016

Source: Dalwhinnie Distillery

Colour: Russet

Nose: Sweetness of honey, slight spiciness, but really very mild on the nose. Slight floral notes, but not too pronounced. After resting some banana came out ^I’m sure there is a joke here

Taste: Smooth and mellow. Vanilla/honey sweetness, slighty spice, peppery.

Finish: Medium long finish. Peppiness, which slowly mellows out to a lovely sugary honey sweetness. Slightly oily mouthfeel.

Overall: To me the greatest part of this is the finish. It leaves an amazing feeling in my mouth, a peppery sweetness which just leaves me wanting more and more. Very well balanced with no one part overpowering the other.

Thanks for taking a look 🙂

Rank: 8.1