Aberlour – A’bunadh Batch #59


Notes: Recently I have been trying a few different Sherry finished Whiskys. I am not sure that they are my favourite, however I wanted to try out this offering from Aberlour. I like the idea of the variations between batches.

Distiller: Aberlour

Bottler: Aberlour Batch #59

ABV: 60.9%

Age: NAS

Source: Dan Murphys retail

Colour: Auburn, Mahogany

Nose: Strong alcohol to begin, fruity apple after alcohol resides, followed by faint wood and sweetness

Taste: Initially I was hit by big sweetness (probably the Sherry?) followed by a lot more sweetness. Slightly hot, slightly woody. No water necessary even at high ABV.

Finish: Medium/long, spice/sweet finish. Dry mouthfeel.

Overall: I think I will use this as an example of a Sherry bomb. Very enjoyable. Maybe too sweet for my palate to enjoy all the time.

Rating: 7.9